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If Capt. Kirk used a flask, this would be it. The sterling silver container flew to the stratosphere on June 4, 2023, onboard an Earth to Sky Calculus cosmic ray research balloon. At the apex of the flight it floated 100,001 ft above Earth's surface.


During the 1.9 hour balloon flight, the flask experienced temperatures as low as -59 C and air pressures less than 0.07% of sea level. It was still cold to the touch when students retrieved it 30 minutes after landing in Pine Creek Canyon in the Sierra Nevada north of Bishop CA.


Inscribed with the words "To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before," the flask comes with a greeting card showing itself in flight, and telling the story of its journey to the stratosphere and back again. All purchases help pay the helium bill for our student ballooning program.

"To Boldly Go" Flask

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