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No Trekkie Christmas tree is complete without The Arena Ornament. This rare Hallmark keepsake depicts the reptilian Gorn poised to deliver a death blow to Capt. James T. Kirk on the planet Cestus III. It's a famous scene from The Original Series episode "Arena" first broadcast on January 19, 1967.


The ornament flew to the edge of space on June 14, 2024, onboard an Earth to Sky Calculus cosmic ray research balloon. It lingered in the stratosphere 111,549 feet above the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California for 3 hours while radiation sensors gathered data for a student science project. After the balloon exploded, as planned, the payload parachuted back to Earth, landing in Deep Springs Valley near Bishop, California.


The ornament comes with a Christmas card showing Kirk and the Gorn in flight, and certifying they have traveled to the edge of space and back again.

Star Trek Ornament -- "Arena"

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