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Think of it as a combination optics experiment and fundraiser.  The students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched this crystal ball to the stratosphere, and they're selling it to help pay their helium bill.


Watch the video ( as the crystal orb travels onboard a giant helium balloon 98,000 feet above Earth’s surface, stretching and inverting the incredible landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains behind it. After the balloon exploded (as planned) the crystal ball parachuted back to Earth, landing near the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park.


This 800 gram crystal ball contains a model of the Solar System, including the sun, eight planets and their moons. It makes an incredible gift for anyone interested in space.


We have flown only a small number of these heavyweight crystal balls. You can have one for $229.95. Each crystal ball comes with a unique gift card showing the item at the edge of space and telling the story of its flight. It also comes with a complementary crystal stand so you can display this unique keepsake on a desktop or shelf.



Solar System Crystal Ball

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