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No one has ever hit a Red Sox baseball this far before.

On Apr. 22, 2018, this ball traveled to the edge of space on board an Earth to Sky Calculus cosmic ray balloon. Riding alongside an array of radiation sensors, which students use for atmospheric research, the commemorative baseball sailed 33.4 km (109,580 feet) above Earth's surface. After a 2.5 hour flight through the stratosphere the payload parachuted back to Earth, landing 53 km (33 miles) from its launch site in the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California. Now that's a home run!


Each baseball comes with a greeting card showing the ball in flight and telling the story of its journey to the stratosphere. Plus, you'll receive stickers depicting the ball in the stratosphere. Put them anywhere you like to create an out-of-this-world baseball display.

Red Sox Space Baseball

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