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This artwork has touched space. Hand-painted by artist Dana Wilcher, a student member of Earth to Sky Calculus, "One Small Step" flew to the stratosphere on June 23, 2019. It shows Neil Armstrong's iconic footprint on the Moon made during the Apollo 11 mission 50 years ago.


Carried aloft by a giant helium balloon, the original oil painting ascended 102,034 feet above the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains of Central California. After the balloon exploded (as planned), the payload parachuted back to Earth, landing in the volcanic hills overlooking Big Pine, CA. The footprint had a wild ride and the students got great data for their atmospheric radiation monitoring program.

The students are selling these paintings to support their cosmic ray ballooning program.  Each one is hand-painted on a 4x4inch canvas panel, and comes with a greeting card showing the painting in flight and telling the story of its journey to the edge of space and back.

"One Small Step" -- Original Painting

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