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This pendant has touched the shadow of the Moon. The students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched it to the stratosphere on Oct. 14, 2023, during an annular solar eclipse. The pendant was 78,500 feet high when the Moon's shadow arrived and wrapped it in a cool twilight-like darkness. After the eclipse was over, the pendant continued its journey to the top of the atmosphere, ultimately reaching an altitude of 112,800 feet.


The balloon left Earth from Nevada's Valley of the Moon--a remote area filled with the scent of sage and herds of wild horses. Indeed, no fewer than three mustang families approached the launch team during the eclipse to see what was going on. It was magical!


The pendant comes with a unique gift card showing the jewelry floating at the top of Earth’s atmosphere. The interior of the card tells the story of the flight and confirms that this gift has been to the edge of space and back again. 

Moonshadow Annular Eclipse Pendant

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