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On July 30, 2023, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched a cosmic ray balloon to the stratosphere. This unique "Panspermia cube" went along for the ride.  Panspermia is the idea that  seeds of life are scattered through the cosmos, drifting from place to place like the seed heads of a dandelion.


Inside the crystal cube, a 3D model of a dandelion has been etched by a laser. It traveled 105,120 feet above the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California. After the balloon exploded, as planned, the payload parachuted back to Earth, landing near Mono Lake near Lee Vining, CA.

The Panspermia cube comes with a unique gift card showing the dandelion floating at the top of Earth's atmosphere. The interior of the card tells the story of the flight and confirms that this gift has been to the edge of space and back again.

Crystal Panspermia Cube

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