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Approximately once a week, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launch a cosmic ray balloon to the stratosphere. Would you like a loved one to hitch a ride? We can scatter their ashes from our balloons, dispersing them at the edge of space.


Here's how it works: We place a small amount of your loved one's ashes into the balloon before we inflate it. As the balloon rises through the atmosphere, it expands to many times its original size, popping at the apex of the flight. When the balloon explodes, the ashes are scattered into the gossamer winds of the stratosphere with space in the background and Earth spinning below. Cameras attached to the payload capture the moment the ashes are released.


For this $250 level of service, you will receive a series of still images showing the ashes being dispersed as well as a signed "Certificate of Scattering" stating the name of your loved one as well as the altitude and geographical coordinates of the scattering.

Ash Scattering in the Stratosphere

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