On Dec. 9, 2017, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus launched an array of cosmic ray sensors to the stratosphere onboard a giant helium balloon. These bears went along for the ride. As they ascended, the sun set, and the rays of the setting sun colored the mountainous landscape vivid pink. The payload flew 33.5 km (109,908 feet) above the Sierra Nevada mountains of central California. According to the radiation sensors, cosmic ray levels were 100 times Earth-normal as the Ursine Astronauts reached the top of our planet’s atmosphere and touched the edge of space.


Each bear comes with a Christmas card showing the cuddly creature in space. The inside flap tells the story of the flight and confirms that the bear has traveled to the edge of space and back again. This makes a great Christmas gift for the youngest scientists.


This price is for BOTH bears. :)

Holiday Space Bears