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Presenting ... the first fishing lure in space!


This unique hook hitched a ride onboard an Earth to Sky Calculus cosmic ray balloon on May 17, 2019, reaching an altitude of 117,454 feet. It flew alongside an array of X-ray/gamma-ray sensors. The students fly these sensors approximately once a week to monitor increasing levels of deep space radiation penetrating Earth's atmosphere. The students got great data, and the lure experienced a wild ride with temperatures as low as -62 C, air pressures less than 1% of sea level, and cosmic rays 200 times stronger than on the planet below.


The students are selling these lures to support their cosmic ray ballooning program--an increasing necessity because of the worldwide helium shortage. Flights are getting expensive! Each hook comes with a greeting card showing the item in flight and telling the story of its journey to the edge of space and back.

Father's Day Fishing Lure

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